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We’re the government department responsible for alcohol policy and licensing.

The majority of people consume alcohol responsibly and, equally, the majority of retailers take their responsibilities toward selling alcohol very seriously.
However, those who behave drunkenly and unacceptably in public or those who sell alcohol irresponsibly will no longer be tolerated.
The coalition government’s programme on alcohol includes commitments to:

  • overhauling the Licensing Act to give local authorities and the police much stronger powers to remove licences from, or refuse to grant licences to premises that are causing problems
  • allowing councils and the police to permanently shut down any shop or bar that is repeatedly selling alcohol to children
  • doubling the maximum fine for those caught selling alcohol to minors to £20,000
  • allowing local councils to charge more for late-night licences, which will help pay for additional policing
  • banning the sale of alcohol below cost price

Public consultation on Rebalancing the Licensing Act

In July 2010, the Home Secretary launched a consultation on a wide range of options to overhaul the Licensing Act 2003; the consultation closed in September 2010.
Thank you to everyone who took part in this exercise.

You can discover more about the government's response, the consultation analysis, the proposals and the factsheets on the Rebalancing the Licensing Act consultation page.

You can also view the closed consultation.


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