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Flexible working - the law and best practice

Certain employees have the right to request flexible working. If you receive such a request, you have a legal duty to give it serious consideration.

However, regardless of the legal obligations, businesses are appreciating more and more how flexible working can benefit their performance, eg through improved staff motivation and productivity.

This guide details the law surrounding flexible working requests, looks at how flexible working can benefit your business and outlines how you might introduce a flexible working policy.

Subjects covered in this guide




Employment & skills

Recruiting people

Terms of employment


Flexible working - the law and best practice


Current section



The right to request flexible working - the eligibility criteria


Types of flexible working


The employee's application for a flexible working arrangement


Considering an employee's flexible working request


Reaching a decision on a flexible working request


The employee's appeal against a decision to refuse their flexible working request


Extensions to time limits and withdrawals


Dealing with unresolved flexible working requests


Employment protection rights in relation to employment tribunal claims


Business impact of flexible working


Here's how flexible working has benefited employees and our business