The Coalition: our programme for government

20 May 2010

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have launched the government’s five-year policy programme.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and members of the Cabinet announced details of The Coalition: our programme for government.

The government said the agreement will help rebuild the economy, unlock social mobility, mend the political system and give people the power to call the shots over the decisions that affect their lives.

It includes radical plans for reform, particularly in areas such as schools, welfare and the political system.

The PM said the coalition government had agreed an “extensive and detailed reform agenda”.

He added:

The more that we talked, the more we listened, the more we realised that our visions for the future and the values that inspired them are strengthened and enhanced by each of the two parties coming together.

The Deputy PM said:

This document sets out, page by page, line by line, detailed changes that will make your life better. From now on, we get down to work.

Read more: Press conference on The Coalition: our programme for government

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