Single Equality Scheme

The Single Equality Scheme 2008 – 2011 sets out Cabinet Office's commitment to meet our responsibilities under the three Public Equality Duties of Race, Disability and Gender during the next 3 years.

The scheme explains the actions we have taken and will continue taking to:

  • assess the impact of our business on race, disability and gender;
  • promote equality through our work;
  • promote positive attitudes towards and good relations between all groups of people; and
  • eliminate any harassment or unlawful discrimination.

In addition to promoting race, disability and gender equality, Cabinet Office has also extended the principles of the equality duties to age, gender identity, religion / belief, and sexual orientation, and the Scheme also makes mention of these equality strands.

The Single Equality Scheme replaces previous individual race, gender and disability equality schemes.

If you need the document in an alternative format, please e-mail; or write to Diversity Strategy Team (CSCG), Cabinet Office, Admiralty Arch, 3rd Floor, The Mall, London SW1A 2WH, or ring 0207 276 2398.

Scheme review

These reviews set out the progress made between March 2008/09, March 2009/10 and March 2010/11.

Monitoring data

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 requires that the Cabinet Office produce and publish specific employment data broken down by all racial groups. The purpose of the data us to assess our progress in ensuring that no racial group is being adversely affected by any aspect of our employment policies and practices.

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