Cabinet Office Statement of New Regulation

The Statement of New Regulation (SNR) covers all new regulatory measures that fall within the scope of One-in, One-out. The Statement contains a short description of each measure, the expected date of implementation and a link to the latest available impact assessment.

Every six months, in September and April, each government department will publish a list of the new domestic regulations it intends to introduce, which fall in scope of the One, In One Out rule. 

The Better Regulation Unit in BIS publishes the overall Statement.  Two statements have been published to date SNR 1 published April 2011and SNR 2 in September 2011.

Statement of New Regulation (SNR) 2

Summary of the Cabinet Office’s measures introduced during the Statement of New Regulation (SNR2) period 1st July 2011 to 31st December 2011.

Impact Assessment Number


Title of the Measure

The Charities Act 2006 (Changes in Exempt Charities) Order 2011

Purpose of the Measure

To appoint a principal regulator for Academies, Sixth Form Colleges and Foundation and Voluntary Schools. To re-confer exempt charity status on Sixth Form Colleges and Voluntary and Foundation Schools to avoid them having to register with the Charity Commission and becoming subject to dual regulation.

Date the measure is due to come in force

August 11

Equivalent Annual Net Cost to Business (£m,2009)


Impact Assessments

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