Resources on the topic of Emergency preparedness

CCAEP Phase 2 final consultation on revised chapters of Emergency Preparedness

This consultation is the last in the programme and concerns chapters 1, 13 and 16. It closes at midnight on Friday 23 December 2011.

Tue, 01/11/2011

Keeping the Country Running: Natural Hazards and Infrastructure

This Guide will support infrastructure owners and operators, emergency responders, industry groups, regulators, and government departments, to work together to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services.

Fri, 21/10/2011

Justice and Security Green Paper

On 19 October 2011 the Government published a Green Paper on Justice and Security. The Green Paper makes proposals on the way in which sensitive information is dealt with in the full range of civil judicial proceedings. It also considers options for strengthening non-judicial oversight of the security and intelligence agencies.

Wed, 19/10/2011

Role of the Telecommunications Industry in Emergency Planning

The Telecommunications industry play a crucial role in helping to ensuring a secure and resilient United Kingdom.  There is a strong industry lead in this area with the Electronic Communications Resilience and Response Group (EC-RRG) [DN: Please link to the page created today entitled: The Electronic Communications – Resilience and Response Group (EC-RRG)] providing a forum for the telecommunications industry to discuss resilience issues.  They also maintain the National Emergency Plan for the Telecommunications Sector and are responsible for the National Emergency Alert for Telecommunications (NEAT).

Tue, 23/08/2011

Phase 2 Consultation on revised chapters of Emergency Preparedness

The announcement and documentation on the phase 2 consultation on the revised chapters of Emergency Preparedness

Mon, 04/07/2011

Association of British Insurers: Key role after a major event

The Association of British Insurers have produced a short document describing and illustrating the key role undertaken by the insurance industry after a major event like a flood. The briefing is designed for all stakeholders in the recovery field

Mon, 13/06/2011

The role of Local Resilience Forums: A reference document

The Role of Local Resilience Forums: A reference document is intended to be a single reference document that will support LRFs in providing a check list of issues and outcomes that will enable self assessment, peer review and improvement.

Mon, 28/03/2011

Community Resilience - Resources and Tools

A series of online resources to enable individuals, communities and the organisations that support them to take part in emergency preparedness activities, in a way that complements the work of emergency responders.

Mon, 07/03/2011

Emergency Responder Interoperability – Common Map Symbols

Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office, working with MOD and Ordnance Survey has created a set of common map symbols, linked to the common terminology of the Civil Protection Lexicon.

Thu, 03/03/2011

Pandemic Flu - Critical Sector Plans: Useful Documents

Critical Sector plans for an Influenza Pandemic

Wed, 02/03/2011

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