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Community Resilience guidance - Public consultation

Public consultation on a package of draft documents about community resilience. The consultation documents included draft guidance for individuals and communities on how to prepare for emergencies and a draft strategic national framework for community resilience, which set out the Government’s contribution to build and enhance community resilience across the UK.

Mon, 07/03/2011

National Recovery Guidance - Case Studies

Case Studies for the National Recovery Guidance. 

Wed, 02/03/2011

The Lead Responder Protocol

Choosing your Lead Responders – An easy to follow Guide

Tue, 08/02/2011

Communicating with the Public - The The Ten Step Cycle

A Ten Step Cycle for Communicating with the Public during an emergency

Tue, 08/02/2011

Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Documents

In 2008 the Civil Contingencies Secretariat commissioned Leeds University to produce a series of research reports collectively titled ‘Understanding Crowd Behaviour’. These reports are now being published as part of the body of UK Civil Protection Guidance.

Tue, 08/02/2011

Communicating Risk Guidance

A simple toolkit - to help you plan communication strategies, develop your understanding of risk, improve your knowledge of its likely effects, and give you the confidence to deal with a crisis when things go wrong

Thu, 20/01/2011

Reservoir Flood Preparedness - Warning and Informing Material

This document outlines the policy and principles to be engaged when warning in the event of an emergency and informing the public about reservoir emergencies

Wed, 01/09/2010

Community Resilience Programme Steering Group - Terms of reference and membership

Terms of Reference and membership of the Community Resilience Steering Group

Thu, 01/01/2009

Media Emergency Forum

Through the UK Media Emergency Forum (MEF), senior media editors, government representatives and representatives of local responders work together to help ensure that all parties can operate more effectively when an emergency occurs.

Sun, 01/01/2006

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