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Proposals for a reformed House of Lords published

The Government has published comprehensive proposals for a smaller, reformed House of Lords, to which members are elected

Tue, 17/05/2011

Consolidation of charity law

The Charities Bill was published today, consolidating existing charities legislation into one Act of Parliament. The consolidation bill aims to make it easier to follow charities legislation. The Bill updates the text and simplifies the structure of the existing legislation.  The Bill does not, and cannot, introduce or change policy. 

Fri, 04/03/2011

Voters to register individually by 2014

Voters will be asked to register individually from 2014 in order to modernise the electoral registration system and tackle fraud.

Wed, 15/09/2010

Rebalancing the economy for the long term

Deputy PM Nick Clegg has delivered a speech at Annual Meeting of the Committee on Standards in Public Life
emphasising the importance being placed on governing for the long-term as a guiding purpose for the government.

Thu, 09/09/2010

Deputy PM announces next phase of Your Freedom

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the Your Freedom website will close on 10 September 2010. The Government promised that every idea would be considered, and that is the phase the project is entering now.

Wed, 08/09/2010

Government publishes AV referendum Bill

The Government today published the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill.

Thu, 22/07/2010

Written Ministerial Statement: Reform of the Civil Service compensation scheme

Written ministerial statement on the reform of the Civil Service compensation scheme.

Tue, 06/07/2010

Deputy PM's statement on political and constitutional reform in the House of Commons

The Deputy Prime Minister outlines Government plans to reform elections to the House of Commons, fix parliament terms and hold a referendum on the alternative vote (AV) system.

Mon, 05/07/2010

New Politics

The Deputy Prime Minister has outlined Government plans to reform elections to the House of Commons.

Mon, 05/07/2010

Clegg asks British people: “What is freedom to you?”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will today issue a call to arms against pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy, at the launch of the new Your Freedom website.

Thu, 01/07/2010

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