News on the topic of Emergency preparedness

Revised Chapters of Emergency Preparedness

Publication of revised Chapters 2 (Co-operation) and 3 (Information Sharing) of Emergency Preparedness, as well as drafting a new Chapter 19 The Fit with Other Legislation.

Fri, 18/02/2011

The National Security Strategy

The Government has today published its National Security Strategy A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty which outlines our reappraisal of Britain’s role in the world, the risks to our security and their implication for the UK.

Mon, 18/10/2010

The Central Government’s Concept of Operations

The Central Government’s Concept of Operations sets out the UK arrangements for responding to and recovering from emergencies, irrespective of cause or location and requiring co-ordinated central government action.

Mon, 22/03/2010

Public consultation on Community Resilience guidance

The Civil Contingencies Secretariat have developed a package of documents about community resilience.

Mon, 22/03/2010

Resilience of Infrastructure from Natural Hazards

In response to the recommendations in the Pitt Review of the summer 2007 floods

Mon, 22/03/2010

National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies 2010 edition

In 2008 Government published, for the first time, a National Risk Register, fulfilling a commitment made in the National Security Strategy. 

Mon, 22/03/2010

EU Funding Programmes Information Day

On 18th January 2010, the Cabinet Office hosted an Information Day on EU Funding Programmes. 

Mon, 18/01/2010

Logistic Operations for Emergency Supplies

The objective of this guidance is to provide a common understanding of options available to emergency planners for the coordination, prioritisation and acquisition of emergency supplies.

Mon, 24/08/2009

Understanding Crowd Behaviours

In 2008 the Civil Contingencies Secretariat commissioned Leeds University to produce a series of research reports collectively titled ‘Understanding Crowd Behaviour’. 

Thu, 09/07/2009

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