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Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Culture, Media and Sport: our vision

The biggest immediate challenge the Department for Culture, Media and Sport faces is delivering a safe and successful Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 - the largest peacetime logistical operation this country has ever faced. We are determined to make the most of it, and we want to ensure that London 2012 will be a symbol of our economic vitality, our social and cultural renewal, and our standing on the global stage.

Our vision is to help create the conditions for growth in the creative, communications, cultural, tourism and leisure economies, removing barriers to innovation and levelling the playing field. Where we judge there is a need for a particular intervention, we will provide real support and set strategy and direction. But we want our sectors and industries to drive their own agenda.

Where the market will not deliver, the Government’s role is to try and redress the balance. We have set a stretching ambition to have the best super-fast broadband network in Europe. We know that this infrastructure is an essential building block for economic growth, and that the internet is a powerful democratic force in holding government to account at every level. We know that we may need to break down the digital divide by supporting rural communities. We want there to be truly local TV.

We will play our part in building the Big Society. We want everyone to be able to play sport and enjoy their local and our national culture. Passion for the arts and sport is instilled at a young age – which is why we want to give all children the opportunity to learn to play sport and play a musical instrument. We want to encourage a culture of giving, so that more of us have a greater connection with the things we care about.

We believe that there should be public funding for the arts and culture. We need to make sure that, during a time when we have to reduce public spending, our world-class cultural institutions can continue to thrive. But funding should not be an excuse for dependence. We want to see our cultural institutions adapt their business models, liberating them to raise and spend money as they see fit.

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

Culture, Media and Sport: our priorities

Deliver the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics

Deliver a safe and successful Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012, and help to deliver a genuine and lasting legacy throughout the country.

Create a sporting legacy from the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Encourage competitive sport in schools by establishing a new School Games competition, improve local sports facilities and establish a lasting community sports legacy.

Create the conditions for growth

Facilitate sustainable growth in the tourism, media, leisure, creative, communications and cultural industries, including by reforming the media regulatory regime.

Boost the Big Society and strengthen cultural organisations

Encourage philanthropic giving, return the National Lottery to its founding principles and foster the development of a new breed of strong local media groups. Reform arm’s length bodies, support a move towards more sustainable business models and support libraries into the next generation.

Facilitate the delivery of universal broadband

Stimulate private sector investment to deliver the best super-fast broadband network in Europe by 2015.

Other major responsibilities

Protect our nation’s cultural heritage

Preserve museum collections, archives, historic buildings, sites and monuments, and maintain free access to national museums and galleries.

Support major events and encourage the celebration of ceremonial traditions

Work with the Scottish Government to deliver a successful Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, ensure that the 2013 Rugby League and the 2015 Rugby Union World Cups are successful; and co-ordinate the Government’s role for the wedding of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April 2011 and Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June 2012.

Support innovation, diversity and creative excellence in the arts

Fund the arts and make access to music education fairer so that all children can choose to learn to play a musical instrument.

Support cultural, media and sports diplomacy

Build effective international relationships for the benefit of the sport, creative, cultural and tourism industries.

Ensure accountability to Parliament for our policies and the money we spend

Provide Parliament and interested bodies with factual and timely information on our policies, functions and performance.