News on the topic of Constitutional Reform

Historic Bill establishes fixed-term Parliaments

Prime Ministers will no longer have the right to call a General Election at a time of their own choosing after Parliament passed the historic Fixed-term Parliaments Bill.

Thu, 15/09/2011

£11 million saved as electors database plan abandoned

Plans to create an expensive database of electors are to be abandoned.

Mon, 18/07/2011

Overseas and service personnel voters to benefit from extension to elections timetables

Overseas and service personnel voters will be given more time to return their ballot papers under proposals to extend the electoral timetable published by the Government.

Wed, 13/07/2011

New voter registration steps set out

New steps that voters will be required to take to be included on the electoral register.

Thu, 30/06/2011

Proposals for a reformed House of Lords published

The Government has published comprehensive proposals for a smaller, reformed House of Lords, to which members are elected

Tue, 17/05/2011

Government welcomes elections agreement

The Government welcomes the motion passed unanimously yesterday in the National Assembly for Wales signifying that it wished the UK Government to bring forward provision to defer the Welsh Assembly 2015 general election to 5 May 2016 in order to avoid elections coinciding in May 2015.

Fri, 18/03/2011

Government supports participation in 5 May polls for forces in Afghanistan

Two months before the May election, the Government has confirmed the support that will be available for members of the Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan who wish to vote in the referendum and elections on 5 May. 

Sat, 05/03/2011

Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act completes passage through Parliament

The first ever referendum giving voters a say on how their MPs are elected will be held on 5 May 2011, following the successful passage of the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act.

Thu, 17/02/2011

New funding will help disabled people become MPs

Disabled people who want to become councillors or MPs will have access to a fund to help them overcome the barriers they face, under proposals published by the Government today.

Wed, 16/02/2011

Section 141 of the Mental Health Act to be abolished

A law that automatically expel MPs from Parliament if they have a serious mental health condition is to be abolished.

Thu, 03/02/2011

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