Cabinet Office Website Accessibility Statement

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility is the practice of making website content available to all users, particularly those with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. It includes making a website as accessible as possible regardless of browsing technology, such as for people with text-only web browsers and old browser versions.

Cabinet Office’s commitment to web accessibility

Cabinet Office is committed to making its website accessible to as many people as possible. To this end we are endeavouring to meet all AA accessibility checkpoints as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) [external website].

Some of the measures we have taken to ensure our site is accessible include:

  • Our website uses relative font sizes to enable users to change the size of text on the page;
  • We use alternative text for all images on our website;
  • All our web pages use valid XHTML;
  • We conduct regular validation checks to ensure the HTML code of our web pages is valid;
  • We run regular spot checks of our pages against accessibility testing tools and perform periodic audits of our site against WAI Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints.

This commitment applies only to the Cabinet Office website at, and not to websites that are linked from our pages.

Compliance with web accessibility is an ongoing process which we are regularly working to improve. If you experience problems accessing any of the information on our site, please contact our digital communications team and we will try our best to fix the problem or provide the information in an alternative format.

How do I change the text size and screen resolution?

Depending on which web browser you are using, this can be done in the following ways:

  • Internet Explorer: select View > Text size or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one 
  • Mozilla Firefox: select View > Text size or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one
  • Opera: select View > Zoom or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one
  • Safari: select View > Make text bigger or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one 

Alternatively you can change the resolution of your computer screen to make the entire screen display bigger or smaller. Depending on which sort of computer you are using, this can be done in the following ways:

  • Microsoft Windows computer: select Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings
  • Apple Macintosh computer: select System Preferences > Displays > Resolution

How do I change the colours?

You can use your web browser options to choose your own colours. Depending on which web browser you are using, this can be done in the following ways:

  • Internet Explorer: select Tools > Internet Options > General > Colors
  • Mozilla Firefox: select Tools > Options > Content > Colors
  • Opera: select Tools > Preferences > Fonts and Page Style
  • Safari: select Safari > Preferences > Appearance

How do I change speed and buttons on my mouse?

If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, you can change a number of control options on your mouse, including the speed of the pointer or the wheel, how quickly you need to double-click, and swapping the buttons for left and right-handed use.

To change your mouse options click the Start button in the bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel > Mouse.

If you are using an Apple Macintosh computer, please visit the Apple Accessibility website [external website] for more information on how to change your settings.

PDF accessibility

If you are having trouble reading a PDF document on this website, Adobe offers a free online tool for converting PDF documents to HTML or text. To use the tool you will need to know the web address of the document you want to convert. This can be found in the browser address bar at the top of the screen and begins with http://

Readers and software

Some of the documents/media in this site may require you to use the following readers/viewers or software. Please note that these links are placed here for your convenience and are not an endorsement of either product or software.


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