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Corporate documents

  CC rules and guidance documents

CC1 The Commission Rules of Procedure (pdf, 253kb)

CC2 Revised Merger Assessment Guidelines (pdf, 710kb)

CC3 Market Investigation References: Competition Commission Guidelines (pdf, 353kb)

CC4 General Advice and Information (pdf, 817kb)

CC5 Statement of Policy on Penalties (pdf, 124kb)

CC6 Chairman's Guidance to Groups (pdf, 203kb)

CC7 Chairman's Guidance on Disclosure of Information in Merger and Market Inquiries (pdf, 52.7kb)

CC8 Merger Remedies: Competition Commission Guidelines (pdf, 124kb)

CC9 Water Merger References; Competition Commission Guidelines (pdf, 294kb)

CC10 Competition Commission: The Energy Code Modification Rules (pdf, 158kb)

CC11 Guide to Appeals in Energy Code Modification Cases (pdf, 182kb)

CC12 Disclosure of information by the Competition Commission to other public authorities (pdf, 147kb)

CC13 Price control appeals under section 193 of the Communications Act 2003 (pdf, 278kb)

CC rules and guidance documents

Please use the links on the left to access our statutory rules and guidance. See also our other guidance documents page to access additional guidance.

To read them you will require Adobe Reader software, which is available free from the Adobe site.

For details of how to obtain hard copies of these publications, see Obtaining copies of a publication.

The CC8 document was published on the 26 November 2008 and replaces the previous CC8 document "Application of divestiture remedies in merger inquiries: CC Guidelines".