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  Annual Review

Annual Report & Accounts 2010/2011

Annual Report & Accounts 2009/2010

Annual Report & Accounts 2008/2009

Annual Report & Accounts 2007/2008

Annual Review & Accounts 2006/2007

Annual Review & Accounts 2005/2006

Annual Review & Accounts 2004/2005

Annual Review & Accounts 2003/2004

Annual Review & Accounts 2002/2003

Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals - Annual Review 2002/2003

Annual Review & Accounts 2001/2002

Annual Review & Accounts 2000/2001

Annual Review & Accounts 99/2000

Annual Review & Accounts 98/99

Annual Report and Accounts

The Annual Report and Accounts is produced by the CC and presented to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) by the end of July each year. It includes accounts of the CC; its main objectives; key performance targets; an outline of its principal activities; details of its specific activities during the previous year; and a report on staffing and organizational changes.

Please use the links on the left to access our Annual Reviews back to 1998/99, which are available as PDF downloads.

To read them you will require Adobe Reader software, which is available free from the Adobe site.

Ordering a hard copy of our Annual Report

To obtain copies of the current Annual Report, email us at There is a charge where we supply hard copies on request. The charges will be at cost and payment is required before delivery.