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5 May 2011

John Swift QC

Victoria House

Address to mark end of Peter Freemanís term as CC Chairman

17 March 2011

Peter Freeman


Merger control: a view from the departure lounge

9 March 2011

Laura Carstensen

The Association of Corporate Counsel Europe Seminar

Keynote speech by Laura Carstensen, Deputy Chairman of the Competition Commission, to the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe Seminar in association with Baker & McKenzie

1 December 2010

Peter Freeman

The Bar Association for Commerce, Finance & Industry–Denning Lecture

Is the sword mightier than the pen? Competition enforcement and the law.


12 November 2010

Laura Carstensen

Eversheds’ General Counsels’ Forum, London

What is a good competition authority?

28 October 2010

Peter Freeman

Comisíon Nacional de la Competencia, Madrid

Competition authorities and the use of economics

7 October 2010

Peter Freeman

Bundeskartellamt Academic Discussion Day, Bonn

The UK experience of divestment remedies in market investigations

21 September 2010

Peter Freeman

Competition law seminar jointly organized by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Competition Commission of Singapore

Recent Case-Law Developments in the United Kingdom and the European Union

9 September 2010

Peter Freeman

Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong–Norton Rose Lecture Series

What is a competitive market? The United Kingdom experience and lessons for Hong Kong

20 May 2010

Peter Freeman

St Gallen International Competition Forum

Too big to fail, but not too big to be unbundled?’ Investigating the Banks – The importance of competition.

8 March 2010

Peter Freeman

Abstract of Keynote Address

RPI and CCP Joint Conference, London

Supervision of competitive and regulatory processes:
the role of legal frameworks

14 January 2010

Peter Freeman

Abstract of Keynote Address

III Lisbon Conference on Competition Law and Economics

‘The Quest for the Holy Grail’:
The Search for Good Competition Decisions

03 November 2009

Peter Freeman

David Hume Institute

'We are here in a very melancholy Situation' : Financial crisis and competition policy

15 October 2009

Peter Freeman

IEA Beesley Lecture Series 2009

The significance of economic evidence in competition cases

04 September 2009

Peter Freeman

The Third Annual Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal and Mandela Institute Conference on Competition Law, Economics and Policy in South Africa

The effectiveness of competition authorities: prioritization, market inquiries and impact

07 July 2009

Competition Commission

Note for the CBI Competition Committee

How to deliver CC market investigations more quickly

26 June 2009

Peter Freeman

Chatham House Conference
Competition Policy 2009
Competition Policy after the Credit Crunch

The view from a UK competition authority

30 March 2009

Peter Freeman,
Alan Gregory,
Anthony Stern,
Bruce Lyons,
Michael Waterson

Members' Roundtable: Competition Commission, Victoria House

Competition in Recession

02 June 2009

Peter Freeman

Law society competition section annual conference

The world turn’d upside down

15 April 2009

Peter Freeman

International Competition Forum, Warsaw

Competition Advocacy in Time of Recession

19 March 2009

Christopher Clarke

Anglo American seminar on Corporate Responsibility, Regulation and Corporate Governance

Competiton, Regulation and Better Governance : 'Expect the Unexpected'

24 February 2009

Dr. Peter Davis

Talk to the British Bankers Association

The CC’s investigation into payment protection insurance and the remedies process


02 December 2008

Peter Freeman

The Competition Forum

Competition policy and interesting times

27 November 2008

Peter Freeman

Competition Commission's 60th Anniversary

Competition Commission's 60th Anniversary

13 November

Peter Freeman

British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

Merging is such sweet sorrow

21 July 2008

Peter Freeman

Law Society European Group

Is competition everything?

28 May 2008

Peter Freeman

King's College London

Key challenges at the Competition Commission

15 January 2008

Peter Freeman

CCS Distinguished Speaker Series: Competition Policy, A Process of Constant Renewal - Singapore Lecture

Competition Policy,
A Process of Constant Renewal

13 December 2007

Peter Freeman

Economic Developments in European Competition Policy:
Hot Topics in Antitrust Part II
CRA International Conference

The Proper Limits of Competition Policy

04 December 2007

Peter Davis

IBC Conference: UK Competition Law
4 December 2007

New elements of merger policy

18 October 2007

Peter Freeman

Investigating Markets and Promoting Competition: The Competition Commission's Role in UK Competition Enforcement

The Competition Commission's Role in UK Competition Enforcement

03 May 2007

Peter Freeman

David Hume Institute,
Royal Society of Edinburgh

“‘A Wise Man Proportions His Beliefs to the Evidence’: Scepticism and Competition Policy”

07 September 2006

Peter Freeman

CRI Frontiers of Regulation Conference, Keynote Speech
University of Bath

This paper appears in the CRI publication “Frontiers of Regulation – Assessing Scholarly Debates and Policy Challenges”, January 2007, pages 19-38.


Regulation and Competition - Chalk and Cheese?
The Role of the Competition Commission

22 March 2006

Peter Freeman

University of East Anglia
The ESRC Centre for Competition Policy


Competition Law and Economics
A Partnership of Equals or a Struggle for Supremacy?

01 July 2005

Professor Paul Geroski

The Annual Chatham House Competition Conference, London

N.B. Professor Geroski was unable to participate but his speech was included in the delegates’ conference pack.

Market Inquiries and Market Studies: The view from the Clapham Omnibus

01 July 2005

Peter Freeman

The Annual Chatham House Competition Conference, London


Modernisation and Decentralisation Session - Market Investigations

15 March 2005

Peter Freeman

The Law Society's European Group: The Lord Fletcher Lecture

UK Competition Law after Modernization  

08 March 2005

Professor Paul Geroski

Speech to WIFO (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) in Vienna

Competition Policy and National Champions 

08 February 2005

Professor Paul Geroski

Paper presented at a conference organized by OXERA

Profitability Analysis and Competition Policy  

07 December 2004

Peter Freeman

IBC Competition Conference

The impact of the Enterprise Act one year on  

06 December 2004

Christopher Clarke

Japanese Fair Trade Commission seminar: ‘Competition Policy in the UK and its Implications for Japanese Competition Policy

The UK Competition Regime: Recent Changes and Future Challenges 

07 October 2004

Professor Paul Geroski

Paper presented to the Fordham Corporate Law Institute

The UK Market Inquiry Regime

02 October 2004

Peter Freeman

Third NERA Competition Policy Symposium

UK Merger Control - A year’s experience of the Enterprise Act

Synopsis of talk

15 September 2004

Peter Freeman

Talk to the Regulatory Policy Institute, Oxford Competition Policy Conference

UK Merger Control Procedure: The Competition Commission Perspective

Synopsis of talk

14 September 2004

Professor Paul Geroski

The opening of the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia

Is Competition Policy Worth It?

2 July 2004

Professor Paul Geroski

Paper presented at a conference organized by OXERA

The Structure of Regulation
in the UK

5 March 2004

Peter Freeman

CBI Competition Conference

The Enterprise Act and innovation (pdf, 119kb)

23 October 2003

Sir Derek Morris

Paper presented to the Fordham Corporate Law Institute

Dominant Firm Behaviour under UK Competition Law

27 June 2002

Sir Derek Morris

Speech to the Regulatory Policy Institute Summer Conference

The Enterprise Act: Aspects of the New Regime

1 May 2002

Sir Derek Morris

First Annual Lecture of the National Consumer Council

Competition and Consumers (pdf,188k)

2 November 2001

Sir Derek Morris

12th Annual Linklaters/DTI Competition Law Seminar

The work of the Reporting Side of the Competition Commission

26 June 2001

Sir Derek Morris

International Competition Policy Conference

Developments in Competition Policy: Mergers and Oligopolies (pdf,32k)

29 November 2000

Sir Derek Morris

Esmee Fairbairn Lecture

Competition Policy and Regulation in the UK: A New Era

24 November 1999

Sir Derek Morris

IBC Conference

A New Dawn for Competition Policy in the UK

11 November 1998

Sir Derek Morris

Annual Competition Conference

The Role of the Competition Commission