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current item indicator Evaluation reports

Ex-post evaluation of two merger decisions (2011)

Review of the Competition Commission’s policy on conflict of interest

Remedies Review

Review of merger decisions under the Enterprise Act 2002 (2009)

Evaluation of the Competition Commission's past cases (2008)

Ex post evaluation of mergers (2005)

Comments by Academic Economists on Past Reports

2005 CC Stakeholder Survey

2007 CC Stakeholder Survey

2010 CC Stakeholder Survey

2010 CC Stakeholder Survey Response

Quantification of CC Actions 2009/10

Quantification of CC Actions 2008/09

Quantification of CC Actions 2007/08

Quantification of CC Actions 2006/07

Quantification of CC Actions 2005/06

Understanding Past Merger Remedies (2010)

Understanding past market investigation remedies – Store Cards (2011)

BIS Peer Reviews of Competition Regimes

Evaluation reports

The analysis carried out as part of CC inquiries is presented in the inquiry reports.

The Competition Commission seeks to evaluate its effectiveness in a number of ways, including quantification of the additional costs that consumers in the UK might be expected to incur were it not for our decisions. The CC also has a work programme to assess the impact of past inquiries. Details are provided in the links on the left on evaluating past inquiries and comments by academic economists.