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Report on the Supply of Electrical Equipment for Mechanically Propelled Land Vehicles.





Part I General
Chapter 1 General Background
Chapter 2 Historical Survey
Part II The Manufacturers
Chapter 3 Joseph Lucas (Industries) Limited
Chapter 4 The Chloride Electrical Storage Company Limited
Chapter 5 The British Starter Battery Association and its Successor
Chapter 6 S. Smith & Sons (England) Limited
Chapter 7 Champion Sparking Plug Company Limited
Chapter 8 The Other Manufacturers
Part III The Present Arrangements for the Supply of the Goods
Chapter 9 Classes (ii), (iii), (iv) and (vii)
Chapter 10 Class (i)
Chapter 11 Classes (v) and (vi)
Chapter 12 Class (viii)
Chapter 13 The Distributive Trade
Part IV The Public Interest
Chapter 14 Conclusions as to the Conditions defined in the Act
Chapter 15 Prices, Costs and Profits
Chapter 16 Observations of Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, Users and Others
Chapter 17 The Case for the Leading Suppliers
Chapter 18 Conclusions on the Public Interest and Recommendations