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The Report of The Royal Liverpool Children's Inquiry
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In December 1999 an Inquiry Panel was appointed to investigate the removal, retention and disposal of human organs and tissues following post mortem examination at The Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital.

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Membership of the Inquiry Panel

Mr Michael Redfern QC, (Chairman)

Dr Jean Keeling
Consultant Paediatric Pathologist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh

Mrs Elizabeth Powell
Chief Officer, Liverpool (Central & Southern) Community Health Council

Terms of Reference
  • To inquire into the circumstances leading to the removal, retention and disposal of human tissue, including organs and body parts, from children at the Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust (and its predecessor NHS organisations) who have undergone post mortem.
  • To inquire into the extent to which the Human Tissue Act 1961 has been complied with
  • To examine professional practice and management action and systems, including what information, and in what form was given to the children's parents, or where relevant, other family members, in respect of the removal, retention and disposal of tissue.
  • To examine the role of the NHS and other persons or bodies involved.
  • To consider such other issue relating to the above matters as necessary.
  • To report to Secretary of State by end of March 2000 and make such recommendations as are appropriate

  • Note:
    • These terms of reference exclude tissue and organs removed with consent for transplant purposes
    • The reporting deadline was extended by Secretary of State in the light of early findings and the need for further detailed investigation
Further Information
  • Report of a Census of Organs & Tissues Retained by Pathology Services in England Conducted in 2000 by the Chief Medical Officer.
  • The Removal, Retention and Use of Human Organs and Tissue from Post Mortem Examination. Advice from the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Consent to Organ & Tissue Retention at Post Mortem Examination and Disposal of Human Material. A Report by Gillian Elam, Qualitative Social Policy Research, December 2000.
  • The Report of The Royal Liverpool Children's Inquiry is published by The Stationery Office.

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