Embedding ICT in subject teaching is a priority for extending the learning opportunities for all students. A critical mass of technology and connectivity is now in place.

The DfES and other contributors have created a set of resources aimed at enabling subject specialist to have a clearer understanding as to when and how, they can embed ICT in their subject teaching.

This booklet provides support and guidance for the use of interactive whiteboards in English. It is aimed at subject teachers who have recently had an interactive whiteboard installed in their classrooms and wish to get started and explore ways in which it can add value to teaching and learning in their subject.

Case studies are provided with ideas to stimulate lesson design and integrate the use of whiteboards into the context of a subject lesson.


  • Getting started
  • Why use an interactive whiteboard?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Pedagogy and the interactive whiteboard
  • Emerging technologies
  • Further links and references