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NHS Choices mobile

NHS Choices mobile

On the move? Need a doctor, pharmacist or perhaps a dentist? Next time you need health information fast, use NHS Choices’ free mobile services.

Find-My-Nearest – free SMS service

Find a whole range of nearby health services by simply sending a text message. It’s easy, quick and completely free: 

Step 1: Save the number 64746 on to your phone so that you don’t forget it.

Step 2: When you need to find your nearest service, text any of the following keywords to 64746:

  • Doctor (for GPs)
  • Walk (for walk-in centres)
  • Dentist (for dentists)
  • Pharmacy (for pharmacists)
  • Accident (for A&E departments)
  • Optician (for opticians)
  • Sexualhealth (for sexual health services)
  • Quit (for stop-smoking services)
  • Alcohol (for alcohol services)

Step 3: You’ll receive a reply within minutes with a list of services near you and their contact details.

Find-My-Nearest uses the location of your mobile phone to return relevant results. We’ll send you up to three text messages with the results that are nearest to your current location.

You will not be charged for sending or receiving messages.


Please note that by using this service:

  • you give consent for the mobile operator to release your location to the service provider for the provision of the service
  • you accept that the service accuracy can vary depending on your situation, for example, depending on whether you are in a city or a rural area
  • you accept that the service provider has the right to suspend or terminate the service


NHS Choices mobile site

You can get advice about conditions, treatments, common health questions and much more through the NHS Choices mobile site.

To access our mobile site simply enter the address into your mobile phone browser. Alternatively you can send a text with the word Site to 64746 and you’ll automatically receive a reply text containing a link to access the mobile site.

Note: using the NHS Choices mobile site will incur data usage on your mobile device.


NHS Choices mobile health tools

We have three interactive tools to help you quit smoking, lose weight and learn about sensible drinking.

To access our health tools, text the following keywords to 64746:

  • BMI – to calculate your body mass index
  • Calculator – to find out how much smoking costs you
  • Drinkquiz – to check whether you are drinking within sensible limits

Note: using the NHS Choices mobile health tools will incur data usage on your mobile device.

Comments are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

Jonathan_W said on 23 February 2011

I have just used the mobile service on my phone. I selected the the Alcohol quiz. I answered as follows:

1. After recent drinking.. you have experienced.... Ans: hangover or vomiting. -(please define "recent" and why are vomiting and hangover linked?)

2. How often in a month do you drink 4 pints/over a bottle of wine in one session? Ans: 1-4 times ( this is the lowest category)

3. How many units would you usually drink on a night out? Ans: more than six ( which is 3 pints of lager and the maximum category)

4.. When drinking, how often int he last year couldn't you remember the night before? Ans: Never.

5. How many times in the last year have you had a morning drink? Ans: Never.

Unbelievably my feedback was this:

"Your drinking could be a problem. You might think you have your drinking under control but actually you're drinking too much. the recommended limits are ... . This does not mean that you can save units up for a drinking session at the weekend - which is particularly harmful to your health. Your responses today suggest that you should go and see your GP promptly"

that last sentence is ridiculous - makes it sound like I'm dying! not to mention wasting GPs time. I drink a couple of beers a few times a week, and go out with friends maybe once a month where I will normally have more than 6 units. How does that mean I need to see my GP? Perhaps it was the vomiting which automatically comes with the ambiguous "hangover" in question 1?

what does everyone else think?

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RooBee said on 16 January 2011

Tried the text service and appeared to get a random set of 3 dentists from a random area over 20 miles away Not helpful!

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Antisthenes said on 18 December 2010

It does not say so but this service only covers England. I think it should.

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