Cosmetic surgery

What is cosmetic surgery?

If you're considering cosmetic surgery there's a lot to think about, such as potential risks, scarring and aftercare.

Cosmetic surgery: is it right for you?

A psychologist suggests questions to ask yourself if you're considering cosmetic surgery.

Choosing a surgeon

Questions to ask when choosing a properly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Find out what non-surgical cosmetic procedures are, and the importance of using a qualified practitioner.

Qualifications to look for in a cosmetic surgeon

The qualifications to look for in a surgeon if you're considering cosmetic surgery, and questions to ask.

Picture posed by model

'I've had cosmetic surgery 10 times'

A woman in her 60s talks about her multiple and long-term experiences of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery abroad

Treatment abroad often costs less than in the UK but any savings should be weighed up against potential risks.


Cosmetic surgery

Things to consider, plus questions to ask a surgeon, what to expect and the risks of surgery.

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