Your NHS guide to vaccinations for you and your family

About vaccination

In this section, find out more about the benefits of vaccination, how vaccines are developed and tested, and why the health advantages of vaccination far outweigh any risks.

NHS vaccination schedule

A list of every NHS vaccination that you and your family are eligible to receive and at what age they should ideally be given.
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The benefits and risks

Weighing up the benefits of vaccination against the risks.
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How vaccines are tested and monitored.
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The power of vaccines

How vaccination has saved more lives and prevented more serious diseases than any other medical advance in recent history.
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How vaccines work in your body to protect you from illness.
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Reporting side effects

What to do if you or your child has a side effect from a jab.
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Vaccination around the world

What’s happening to fight vaccine-preventable diseases in developing countries.
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The history of vaccination

Discover the milestones in vaccination, from ancient Greece to the 21st century.
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Vaccination wall planner

Use this tool to create a personalised vaccination wall planner for your child based on their age.

Vaccination wall planner

Protect your child against measles

Find out more about the MMR jab