Productive General Practice: Releasing Time

Mother and daughter in GP surgeryProductive General Practice is an organisation-wide change programme, developed with general practice staff, which supports general practices in realising internal efficiencies, while maintaining quality of care and releasing time to spend on more value added activities.

It is a practical application of lean based techniques that will vastly increase the organisation’s capacity and capability for continuous improvement.

Productive General Practice is the latest programme to be offered by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement under The Productive Series.  

“The driving vision of The Productive Series is ‘releasing time’. Making this a reality in general practice will offer a great service to our patients, improve the working lives of our colleagues and help boost quality whilst cutting costs for our NHS”

Dr Jagdeesh Dhaliwal, GP and Clinical Lead for Productive General Practice
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Productive General Practice will provide tools and methods to help practices to:

  • streamline activities across the practice and eliminate waste, to enable them to add value and meet the increasing demands on time and capacity with the same resources
  • create the right context for change to ensure that it is sustained
  • measure how they are currently doing, to enable them understand where their biggest challenges are and focus their improvement efforts
  • improve the quality of patient experience. The programme is being developed with practising GPs, practice managers, practice nurses and receptionists at seven test sites, and there are two GPs and a practice manager seconded to the team.


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