The Review of Central Returns (ROCR)

The Review of Central Returns (ROCR) process is concerned with supporting the Department of Health (DH) and it's Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) to implement the government's policy in 'Reducing the burden' of data collections from the NHS.

This ensures that:

  • collections fit with ministerial priorities
  • requests for the same information are not repeated
  • NHS organisations can complete these in as little time as possible.

To do this we review all information requirements, which are collected as central 'returns'. These are submitted as proposals for new collections or changes to an existing collection, including one-off surveys.

This allows us to:

  • make information more accessible
  • inform decision-making
  • cut administration and form filling
  • allot more time for direct care
  • avoid duplication
  • make more use of computer systems.

For further information about the data collection process, please refer to the ROCR Gaining approval page.


Collecting data to answer Parliamentary Questions or to support Public Expenditure Survey negotiations is not a justification in itself for ROCR support.