Health and lifestyles

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Information on levels of alcohol consumption and attitudes towards drinking.


Information on the method of contraception used by different gender and age groups.


Details of our reports focusing on diabetes.


Who's getting their five-a-day? Information on consumption and buying habits of food.

Drug misuse

Information about drugs taken by young people, their attitudes towards them, and the care they require.


Information on the young and over 65s.

NHS stop smoking services

This topic covers the number of smokers and also the success of the NHS Stop Smoking Service in helping people to kick the habit.


Levels of obesity on adults and children in England and the impact it has on their health.

Physical activity

This topic covers a range of issues including uptake of PE in school, ethnic minority participation in activity and its relationship with obesity.


Statistics on smoking, covering issues such as the number of smokers, the effects of smoking during pregnancy and hospital admissions as a result.