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Introduction to EpiData Entry / Analysis

Course Overview

The courses are aimed at those particularly in the medical field, who would like to acquire the necessary skills to enable them to quickly set up databases, enter collected data and perform a variety of standard statistical analyses, whilst building on the knowledge of database construction and analysis they may already have.

EpiData is a Windows based, public domain software package which provides tools for database design, validation and data entry. EpiData Analysis is a Windows based data analysis package. Both are released by the EpiData Association and are available to download, free of charge.
Download EpiData and EpiData Analysis.

Course Content

The courses are run at the Colindale site several times a year, and an idea of what is covered on the courses can be found in the attached outlines:

Course Outline: Introduction to EpiData Entry (Word Document, 30 KB)
Course Outline: Introduction to EpiData Analysis (Word Document, 30 KB)


Dates for the courses in 2011:

 Introduction to EpiData Entry  Introduction to EpiData Analysis
14 February 2011  15 February 2011
18 October 2011  19 October 2011

Contact / Booking details

To book a place, please complete the following form which can be returned by email or by post. 

EpiData and EpiAnalysis Booking Form (Word Document, 70 KB)

If you would like any further information, please contact us at the following address:

Yvette Howell
Education and Training Coordinator
Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections,
61 Colindale Avenue,
London, NW9 5EQ
Telephone: 020 8327 7427

Last reviewed: 22 March 2011