NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement - Disclosure of Salary Information

The Prime Minister, in his letter of 1 June 2010 to his Cabinet colleagues, made a number of commitments for greater data transparency in Government.  This includes the commitment to the publication on http://data.gov.uk  regarding salary arrangements.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (the NHS Institute) has two arrangements for salaries:

1. NHS National Terms and Conditions (Agenda for Change)
2. The Very Senior Managers Pay framework

In respect of this commitment the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement provides the following information:

  • Salaries of Executive Directors (already published in the annual report) and Directors who form part of the executive tier but do not have statutory board responsibilities CO senior staff pay dat set - disclosure of salaries CO senior staff pay dat set - disclosure of salaries (2.07 KB)
  • An organogram (as at October 2010) depicting the high level structure of the NHS Institute.  It should be noted that due to the nature of the work of the NHS Institute the majority of its workforce are deployed across the different business units in order to meet business needs, therefore it was felt more appropriate to provide an organisation wide summary of roles and pay bands. NHSI Organogram NHSI Organogram (1.00 MB)
  • A summary of the pay bands below senior appointments and numbers employed within the pay bands (as at October 2010) CO junior staff post data set CO junior staff post data set (13.79 KB)
  • Datasets relating to posts within the NHS Institute, reporting lines and pay in bands of £5,000 for senior appointments. Revised CO senior post data set - organogram Revised CO senior post data set - organogram (4.43 KB)
  • The number of people that the NHS Institute employ under Agenda for Change bandings 2 - 9. NHSI Organogram2.ppt NHSI Organogram (298.50 KB)
  • The above does not include details of inward secondees

The above information will next be updated in January 2011

View the Business Expenses for executive directors.