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Health Protection Profiles


Health profiles provide an at-a-glance picture of health issues in local areas through geographical maps, tables and graphs. You can easily compare your local area with the national average or with another area for any given issue. These comparisons also allow you to see where changes have occured over time.

Health Protection Profiles

The Health Protection Profiles cover a range of health protection issues from environmental hazards to infections that are preventable by vaccination. They have been created first and foremost with the public in mind, so that people can find out more about the areas that they live and work in. The information can help inform choices regarding health and lifestyle and improve awareness of local health protection risks.

We also have a section with in depth information which is designed to support local agencies such as NHS Primary Care Trusts and local councils, to identify priority areas for action to improve health and areas for commissioning of services. They can also be used to help track the impact of such initiatives.

Summary information

Summaries for your local area with links to interactive maps to help you visualise what's happening in your locality.

In depth data

Interactive maps and data tables for use in commissioning and needs assessments.


All suggestions and comments about the profiles are welcome. Please email


InstantAtlasTM software is an interactive tool, which allows profiles to be filtered by time and geographic area.  You will need a relevant Adobe plug-in viewer, either scalable vector graphic (SVG) or Flash Player (v8.0 or above).  To install Adobe Flash Player visit [external link].