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Having a say in the HPA

The Health Protection Agency wants to find out what people know and think about public health issues and hazards like infectious diseases, chemicals, poisons, and radiation.

How people get involved

We want people to help us to further develop our services.  If you would like to get involved, or would just like to receive more information about the Agency, please complete our online form.

People were asked what they thought was the best way to have their say in the work of the Agency.

People can choose how much they want to get involved in the work of the Agency at three different levels of involvement:

  • Level 1: They can receive updates, newsletters, occasional surveys and invitations to events.
  • Level 2: They can receive all of the above plus invitations to take part in one-off discussion groups.
  • Level 3: They can receive all of the above plus the offer to join a Health Protection Agency reference group or committee which meets regularly throughout the year.

For more information email: