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Extreme weather events and natural disasters

Warning flood and snow signs

In the event of a major natural disaster or emergency, such as a severe flood or heatwave, the HPA's specialists in environmental hazards, infectious diseases and emergency planning, work together alongside local and national agencies such as the NHS, police, local government and Environment Agency, to provide health protection advice to affected communities through their network of Health Protection Units across England.

The Health Protection Agency has been involved in advising on health implications of extreme weather events such as: the extensive flooding in the South West in 2007, the volcanic ash cloud caused by an Icelandic volcano in early 2010, and research into the effects of extreme cold weather and heatwaves.

The HPA's new extreme events and health protection section collates information about natural disasters and extreme weather events both from within the HPA and from national and international partners, and provides relevant up-to-date evidence based information to support the planning for extreme events.