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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Subscribe to get traffic news email alerts or RSS feeds

Subscribe to email alerts or RSS feeds from the Highways Agency to get the latest traffic news for England. You can choose to get information for a specific region or road about planned roadworks, congestion and other traffic incidents.

Traffic news available through email alerts and RSS feeds

You can subscribe to get the latest traffic news for England’s motorways and major A roads on the Highways Agency’s network. You can choose to get information for a whole region or a certain motorway by email alert or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. You'll then receive news about incidents for that region or motorway, including:

  • planned roadworks
  • emergency roadworks
  • congestion
  • delays
  • accidents

To check which roads are on the Highways Agency's network, download a network map.

Traffic news for London, Wales or Scotland

The RSS feeds and email alerts only cover traffic information for roads managed by the Highways Agency (motorways and major A roads). They don’t cover traffic in Wales, Scotland or London (inside the M25).

Follow the links below for traffic news for Wales, Scotland or London.

Subscribe to traffic news email alerts

When you subscribe to get traffic news by email you can choose:

  • how often you want to get traffic news by email
  • which regions and roads you want information about

Subscribe to traffic news RSS feeds

You can also subscribe to get traffic news using RSS feeds. The RSS feeds are updated whenever there is new information. This means you don't have to wait for an email alert or go to a website to get the latest traffic news.

You can view the feed in your browser or copy the link into a news reader. See ‘RSS help’ for more information about using RSS feeds.

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