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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Directgov on your mobile

Directgov is available on every internet-enabled mobile phone. As people are increasingly using their phones to find the information they need, you can now access all Directgov articles and contact details on your phone, as well as finding local services, getting travel alerts, planning a journey door to door or searching for a job.

How to get it

To access the service, simply text MOBILE free to 83377. You will then receive a text message with a link. Click on the link to view Directgov mobile.

Or, enter into your phone's internet browser.

To make it easier to return to Directgov Mobile, select your phone’s 'Bookmark', 'Add bookmark' or 'Favourites' option. Please note this will vary according to the type of phone you have, so check your phone’s user manual for help.

Watch the video

Every article on Directgov can now be accessed on your mobile, covering everything from money and motoring to employment, pensions and much more.

Find out more in this video

Travel information

Directgov mobile uses official data from the Department of Transport to help you reach your destination. Use the Journey planner to find your quickest route from A to B anywhere in Great Britain. You can search by postcode, rail station, tram stop, airport or underground, and plan your journey using a range of different types of public transport, as well as on foot. Journey planner will even provide Google maps if you're walking for some or all of the journey.

Live travel alerts keep you informed of any delays on public transport or on roads - or, if you are travelling by train, you can also check departure and arrival times for all national stations.

Text us


Directgov does not charge you to use any of its mobile services. However. your mobile network operator may charge you to access the internet.

Check with your operator.

For even easier access to Directgov mobile, you can simply send a text with the name of the service you want to 83377.

Directgov will then send a text message back to you containing a link. All you need to do is open the link and it will take you to the appropriate page on Directgov mobile.

Text one of the following keywords to 83377:

  • text JOBS to search over 400,000 job opportunities from Jobcentre Plus
  • text TRAVEL to use the Journey planner, find train departure and arrival times and check for delays on public transport and roads
  • text ONLINE to search for your nearest UK online centre for cheap or low-cost access to computers and the internet
  • text PASSPORT to find your nearest interview and regional passport offices

All texts to and from Directgov are free.

What can I do on the mobile site?

The Directgov mobile site contains all the useful article content, news and contact directories that you can find on our main web site - but optimised in a mobile-friendly format. So whether you want to read our Newsroom articles, look for a job in your area, find out about benefits, discover how to save energy at home or get information about driving tests, you can now do all of that on your mobile.

As well as browsing content, you can also:

  • access exclusive mobile content such as videos, podcasts and interactive tools
  • find local services in your area – including legal advice, contact details for your council, passport offices, NHS services and UK online centres
  • use our Journey Planner to plan your travel on a wide range of public transport, with Google maps if you’re on foot

Directgov mobile apps

So far Directgov has launched two apps for iPhones and Android phones: Jobcentre Plus and Travel News. They cover jobs and travel in England, Scotland and Wales. You can download both apps free of charge from iTunes or Android Market.

Jobcentre Plus

Almost a million people search for work through Jobcentre Plus (JCP) every working day. The Jobcentre Plus app, launched in March 2010, lets you look for a job in your area. You can select key locations where you're looking for work and see exactly where the vacancies are on Google maps.  The JCP database is the largest in the UK, with over 10,000 new vacancies every working day, and more than 30 per cent of UK employers advertise their jobs with JCP.

So far, reviews from the iTunes App Store have been positive. One person who downloaded the app says "This is excellent. I can even view the location of the job on a map. Well done."

Travel News

The Travel News app uses official Department of Transport data to make sure that you can get up to date news on trains, roads, tubes, ferries and trams. When you use the app, you get detailed information about the type of delay, areas affected and incident severity. 

The cost

As with the website, Directgov does not charge you to use any of its mobile services. However, your mobile network operator may charge you to access the internet on your phone. Costs will vary depending on your phone contract so check with your operator to find out about tariffs.

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