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Sunday, 30 October 2011

What you said about Directgov

Directgov gets a huge number of ratings and comments through the 'was this information useful?' feature at the bottom of its pages. The feature allows you to rate how useful each page is, and leave a comment. Find out how Directgov is using this information to improve its content.

Overview of ratings and comments

During June, 46 per cent of people rated Directgov as 'very useful'

The feedback feature launched in April 2010. Since then, Directgov has received over 2.1 million ratings and more than 500,000 comments on pages across the website.

Each page can be given one of five ratings, ranging from 'very useful' to 'not at all useful'. About one quarter of people who rate a page also leave a comment.

Since the feature was launched, the number of people rating Directgov pages as 'very useful' has increased by three per cent. The number rating pages as 'not at all useful' has fallen by three per cent.

You can see some overview results in the table below.

Table showing overview of feedback ratings
   Very useful  Quite useful  Unsure  Not very useful  Not at all useful
 June 2011  46%  20%  6%  8%  19%
 May 2011  48%  20%  6%  7%  19%
 April 2011  47%  20%  6%  7%  18%
 March 2011  48%  21%  6%  7%  17%
 February 2011  49%  22%  6%  7%  16%
 January 2011  49%  22%  6%  7%  16%
 December 2010  48%  20%  6%  7%  19%
 November 2010  49%  21%  6%  7%  17%
 October 2010  46%  21%  6%  8%  19%
 September 2010  46%  21%   6%  7%  20%
 August 2010   47%  21%  6%  7%  19%
 July 2010  46%  21%  6%  7%  20%
 June 2010  45%   20%   6%   8%   21% 
 May 2010  45%  21%  6%  7%  21%
 April 2010  43%  21%  6%  8%  22%

What happens to your ratings and comments

Each month, all ratings and comments are collected and sent to editorial teams across government departments for review.

These editorial teams and a team based in Directgov then discuss how the ratings and comments can be used to improve content. Any changes made to content are logged and tracked to see if they have improved the usefulness of the site. Your ratings and comments will be used to track these changes.

Using your ratings and comments to improve Directgov

Directgov has made changes to many pages following your comments

Your ratings and comments are being used to make improvements to Directgov content.

For example, the Environment and greener living team regularly received comments from people unable to find their nearest recycling centre. The team have now made this information much clearer and easier to find on relevant pages. Since the changes the number of comments received about this issue had dropped dramatically.

Environment and greener living also had a lot of comments about an article on greener cars and driving. The editorial team used these comments to inform a complete rewrite of the entire section of content, making sure all topics were covered.

There have been several changes to the Motoring section of the site too.

For example, a new medical A-Z has been created and tweaked according to comments left relating to navigation and simplifying wording.

Changes have also been made to the driver's transactions pages. These include:

  • quick fixes such as grammatical errors and ambiguous wording
  • a major fix to resolve an issue with postcodes

Also, on the driver's entitlement page, analysis of your comments has directly informed work done to radically alter the wording and layout of this page.

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  • we want to hear what you think about the quality and usefulness of our pages
  • your comments will help us improve our pages
  • your comments will also help with the future development of Directgov
  • telling us what you think will help make sure we give you the very best service

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