Assessment and Development Centres

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Firefighters carry out a training exercise

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service are committed to the development of all staff and will support participation in appropriate training and development programmes, whether internally or externally provided.

In line with the National Framework document and Fire Service Circular 09/2004, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has adopted the Personal Quality and Attributes standards and Assessment and Development Centre processes for the basis of developing staff in readiness for managerial roles.

The aim of an Assessment and Development Centre is to assess the candidates potential to carry out the role of a manager and not a measurement of operational competence.


What is an Assessment and Development Centre?

An ADC is a process and is an assessment for potential and not a selection process.

Assessment of potential is measured against the Personal Quality and Attributes framework. This is not a measurement of operational competence, but of management potential and to identify strengths and development needs in preparation for a future management role.

The process is designed to be fair, open and consistent and provides equal treatment for all. Numerous representatives from across the Fire and Rescue Services were included in the research, design and pilot phases. Research carried out by Organisational Psychologists also confirms that it is a valid predictor of future performance.

The ADC toolkit was developed by the ADC Working Group (ADCWG), with the support of Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (A&DC Ltd), funded by CLG. Tools are reviewed on a regular basis. ADC’s have been introduced on a regional basis to ensure consistency is achieved throughout the West Midlands Region, utilising skills and best practice.

The following Brigade Order gives guidance to line managers and staff on access to a formal development programme.


Career Development Booklet

The information contained in the Career Development Booklet provides an overview of the career path from the point of entry to the operational service to strategic level management.

All information provided in the booklet is correct at the time of publication. The contents of the booklet may, from time to time, change in response to organisational strategies. The booklet will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis in January each year.

Further information

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