Management development

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Managers at all levels in Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service receive appropriate management skills training and development applicable to their role.

Management Development incorporates both people and operational skills delivered both internally at the Training and Development Centre and externally at the Fire Service College and other establishments.

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A regional model for the delivery of Management Skills at supervisory and middle management levels has been established, together with a list of preferred providers for the West Midlands Fire Services Region. This model is applicable to all those who have successfully completed an Assessment and Development Centre at the relevant level and are directly mapped against standards contained within the National Role Maps.

Additional management development needs are regularly monitored and skills provided appropriately, many of which are identified through annual Individual Performance and Development Reviews.

Those who progress to selection to a management role are supported through a workplace assessment programme, also directly mapped against standards contained within the National Role Maps, and which provides a basis to achieve full competence within their new role.

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