Budgets and Finance

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Budgets and Finance

The aim of the Finance Department

To provide a range of effective, efficient and economic specialist services that support the achievement of the Authority's strategic aims and objectives

It is essential that the Authority's strategic and corporate plans are quantified within its budgets and capital programmes. As financial planning will form an integral part of the strategic planning process, the Finance team will offer support and guidance throughout the Authority, and is committed to providing relevant and timely monitoring information to service managers and members.

As well as being responsible for budget setting, monitoring and reporting, the Finance team ensures that key financial systems and records are up to date. The department must also ensure compliance with statutory obligations, including the annual Statement of Accounts, and continued development of financial regulations and policies.


The Role of Finance within the Fire Authority

The Fire Authority’s Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer, Keith Dixon, has statutory duties in relation to the financial administration and stewardship of the Authority.

The Principal Accountant, Joanne Coadey, deputises for the Treasurer in his role of financial advisor, and section 112/114 (1988 Act) officer.

Further Information

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