Types of Incident

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Firefighters rescue a car from fast flowing water caused by flooding       Water rescue team prepare the Brigade boat

Each year in the UK almost as many people drown as are killed by fire and therefore the dangers associated with working in, on or near water should not be underestimated.

In the last six years the Rescue Boat (SY 07) and Towing vehicle (SY 70) have been mobilised over 195 times to water related incidents, these include:

Animal rescues
Assistance to Environment Agency
Assistance to Police
Boat fires
Body recoveries
Vehicles in water (persons reported)
Water rescues
Firefighters carry out a swan rescue

Danger No Bathing sign by the former Wrekin Council, now Borough of Telford and Wrekin

All too often signs such as 'DANGER - No Bathing' are ignored, especially in the warm weather and often with fatal consequences

Water Safety Awareness Campaign

    Be Safe Around Water - Don't Drink and Drown

Bridgnorth District Community Safety Partnership in association with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

Further information

RoSPa   www.rospa.com