Procurement and supplier management

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Firefighters use high-tech cutting equipment with fire appliance in background

The Fire Authority has, in support of an agreed procurement strategy, adopted the following as its procurement policy.

"Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service will operate a procurement process that:

  • Challenges the provision of the service and the need for expenditure
  • Ensures a methodology for competition and for quality, yet …
  • Encourages an open and flexible approach with users, suppliers and partners
  • Develops appropriate use of collaboration and partnership arrangements with other brigades, public authorities or the private or voluntary sector
  • Makes use of modern processes and techniques
  • Measures the life costs, improvements and success of the procurement, the process and sets performance specifications.”

In support of the Authorities policy and strategy the Service has developed a suite of procurement and asset management Brigade Orders to provide a framework to ensure that all items purchased meet the Authority's and Service's needs.


Selling to us

How we buy

Most procurement is managed through the procurement function within the Resources Department. This department is responsible for identifying the best way to meet the needs identified by equipment and service users, including a procurement process if required.

Many of our goods and services are purchased through existing national or local contracts, or through partnerships with other organisations.

Details of our procurement processes can be found in our procurement Brigade Orders

What we buy

We purchase a full range of specialist and non-specialist equipment consumables and services. It is our policy to aggregate contracts where possible to maximise process savings and many small items, including stationery, IT consumables, janitorial supplies, property maintenance and clothing, are made through this type of contract.

Small value purchases are normally made from local or internet retailers using a purchasing card.


Knowing about opportunities

Large scale contracts (over £140,000 for goods and services or £3m for construction) are advertised in accordance with EU requirements.

Other contracts will be shown on the Blue Light procurement portal.

Lower value purchases are made from a range of known suppliers or following a market assessment (including internet searches).

If you provide goods or services which you believe may be of interest to us please send details to:

Resources Department
Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service
St Michaels Street


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