Water Equipment and Hose

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Water Equipment and Hose

All fire pumping appliances carry hose to move water to where it is needed and branches to direct the jet or spray where needed.

      Water Equipment and Hose

The hose on the Light Pumping Unit

Each fire appliance carries the following equipment:

  • 2 x Standpipes for use with Fire Hydrants
  • 10 x 23m lengths 70mm hose
  • 6 x 23m lengths 45mm hose
  • 2 x main-line branches (controllable jets)
  • 2 x 54m high pressure hose reels complete with branches
  • 100 litres of foam compound
  • 1 x Foam Making Branch

Specialist units

We have two specialist pumping units that are used to move high volumes of water using large diameter hose (100mm and 150mm) powered by a hydraulic pump.

These carry sufficient hose to move water up to 3km. In addition they can also be used for pumping out large volumes of water at flooding incidents.