Keeping Your Bike in Top Condition

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Motorcycle maintenance

Regular checks on your bike are essential to the well being and safety of your bike.

Take a few minutes and ensure that any potential problem does not go unnoticed. Before use we would recommend the following checks:

Daily Checks Weekly Checks
Petrol Brake Condition
Oil Electrics
Water Suspension
Damage Tyres
Electrics Chain
Rubber Oil
You Petrol

Always choose tyres recommended by the bike manufacturer. If you choose a tyre that is not recommended it could be potentially dangerous. It is best to have the same make of tyre on the front and back of the bike, and try not to mix brands. Always choose the tyre which best suits your riding habits, take into account if you ride all year round or just during the Summer months.

When you check your tyre pressure do it when the tyres are 'cold' (before the ride not after or during). Having the wrong tyre pressure can affect the wear of the tyre, increases fuel use and give the rider less control over the bike.

When using new tyres, always allow for a 'bedding in' period. Don't exceed 60mph for the first one hundred miles and avoid any sudden braking or changing of direction, this will allow the tyre and rim assembly to adjust properly and reach the best working condition for riding.