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Passing your test is just the beginning of your motorcycle career. At some point, we all fall into bad habits or just forget the safest way to manage certain situations. Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service promotes post test training for all riders regardless of age, experience and size of machine they ride.

During 2009, Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia have joined with Warwickshire County Council. They are offering all riders who ride any sized motorcycle, in either West Mercia or Warwickshire, the chance of extra training. They have been successful in obtaining grant funding from the Department for Transport to offer the riders a huge discount in the cost of the training sessions.

They are offering the riders the opportunity to partake in a training scheme called ‘Take Control’. The courses are delivered by a firm called ’90-0ne Education’ based in Warwickshire.

The scheme has being running in Warwickshire for a number of years and as proved to be very popular and successful with the riders which take the courses.

On offer there are five courses. Each designed for different riders at different points in their motorcycling career.

  1. CBT courses (Compulsory Basic Test). Required by all riders* who wish to ride a moped, scooter or motorcycle on the roads.

    *you may be exempt if:

    You passed your car test prior to 1st Feb 2001 and wish to ride a moped up to 50cc
    Have a full moped licence gained after 1st Dec 1990
    Have full motorcycle licence

  2. Advanced CBT. This is aimed at developing existing moped and scooter riders. This course enables the rider to gain extra confidence and skills. They are also taken on a 125cc off road to experience a larger bike for one hour.

  3. From Moped to Motorcycle. Designed to educate the rider in the differences between mopeds and motorcycles. Managing the change between an automatic gearbox and a manual gearbox on the machines.

  4. Existing 125cc Riders. This course is aimed at giving the riders of 125cc motorcycles extra skills and knowledge. Aimed at teaching the riders advanced skills on their machines.

  5. Post Test Training. Aimed at riders who ride large, high powered bikes, of 500cc or above. This course is aimed at teaching the riders about anticipation of risk and giving them the advanced skills to handle situations they may find themselves in. This course has the DSA Enhanced Rider accreditation, which mean any rider who competes the day, may receive lower insurance premiums from their provider.

    The course is delivered by qualified instructors who are either Police Class 1 riders or IAM assessors.

    A maximum of two riders per instructor is permitted on each of the courses.

Each of the five courses will contain:

  • An interview with the instructor to obtain the riders experience
  • Bike and Clothing check
  • Off road session - hard standing
  • On road session
  • Feedback and questionnaire


Courses 1 – 4
Are free to the riders, as funding covers the cost of the course
Course 5
There will be a small charge of £30 payable by the rider. The majority of the cost will be covered by the grant funding and partnership money.

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