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  • Keep matches and lighters out of children’s sight and reach. Even toddlers can use lighters and kitchen matches to start a flame
  • Teach pre-school children to tell a grown-up if they find matches or lighters
  • Teach school age children to give matches and lighters to a grown up. Praise your child whenever he or she does this
  • Teach your child how to say no when friends suggest playing with fire
  • Teach children that fire is a tool, not a toy. Talk about the ways grown-ups use tools (cooking tools, repair and building tools, and hobby tools)
  • Explain how grown-ups use matches to light candles, start a campfire or light a barbeque
  • Teach your school age child the safe use of fire. Provide opportunities for your child to light matches under a grown-up’s supervision, such as lighting the candles on a birthday cake
  • Older teenagers need to be told clearly about the risks of fire from smoking. Even if they don’t smoke they may go to parties with people who do

Further information

charlie [dot] cartwright [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk (Charlie Cartwright) - Youth Officer
Telephone: 01743 260 263

chris [dot] page [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk (Chris Page) - Scheme Administrator
Telephone: 01743 260 254