Free home fire safety check

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Community Fire Safety Officer Muhammad Younis carries out a free Home Fire Safety Check at a property in Wellington

Community Fire Safety Bi-lingual Advocate Muhammad Younis carries out a free Home Fire Safety Check at a property in Wellington

Free Home Fire Safety check and advice

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service have been carrying out Home Fire Risk Assesment surveys for the last five years in its pledge in "Putting Shropshire's Safety First". The purpose of the visit is to make the householder aware of potential dangers within the home.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service believe that they can play an important role in advising members of the public about potential dangers they may have in their homes.

With the complex and busy lives that people lead today, very little attention is often paid to safety within the home, but unfortunately statistics show that it is often those neglected safety aspects that result in the vast majority of fire that occur within the household.

SFRS purpose is not to judge the lifestyle of people, but to ensure that people are aware of the hazards and that people can make the necessary changes thus preventing these fires from starting in the first place.

As part of their Home Fire Risk Assessment SFRS will test all smoke alarms within the home. Some householder's, dependent on their circumstances, who do not have working smoke alarms may qualify for one smoke alarm per level free of charge. The Home risk assessment is completely free of charge and is done in the comfort of the householder's home.

Can you and your family afford not to have this free home fire safety check?

To book your free home fire safety check, please leave your details on our dedicated line 01743 260 298 or for further advice and assistance contact Community Fire Safety team.

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Community Fire Safety

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