Camping safety

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Please note: This safety advice is offered as guidance only. If in doubt, Get out, Stay out and get the Fire and Rescue Service out!

Prevention is key. A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds. Avoid using naked flames inside tents.


Safety tips


  • Make sure that caravans and tents are kept at least 6 metres apart
  • Find out what the fire-fighting arrangements on the campsite are and where the nearest telephone is.
  • Always position your tent well away from any heat source - open fires, cookers etc
  • Have an escape plan, and be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if there is a fire
  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children
  • Keep flammable material, including long grass, away from cooking area
  • Make sure everyone knows how to put out a clothing fire - stop, drop and roll
  • Take care that lights, gas or battery powered do not touch any flammable materials
  • Change LPG cylinders in the open air, making sure that the controls and valves are in the off position. Check all connections before use. Store appliances in an upright position and never smoke when replacing the gas cylinder

Do not

  • Never smoke inside the tent
  • Do not use candles or other naked flames inside the tent - torches are much safer
  • Do not use cooking appliances inside tents

Safe operation of gas appliances


  • Do always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully
  • Do use manufacturer's recommended cartridges or cylinders
  • Do ensure the appliance is switched off before changing gas cartridges or cylinders
  • Do turn the appliance off after use
  • Do always use the appliance on a flat and stable base
  • Do change gas cartridges or cylinders in open air

Do not

  • Do not remove piercable type gas cartridges before they are completely empty
  • Do not smoke and ensure there are no naked flames when changing cartridges or cylinders
  • Do not use the appliance if you smell gas and extinguish any naked flames
  • Do not store spare cartridges or cylinders close to heat sources eg. Cookers
  • Do not use appliances close to flammable materials eg. tent walls
  • Do not leave appliances unattended

Useful links

Further information

Community Fire Safety

Telephone: 01743 260 260