Fire Kills - you can prevent it

Don't drown in toxic smoke

Toxic smoke can kill your child in under a minute Listen to the radio adverts

In a house fire, you might think that the smoke would wake you and give you and your family time to escape. But after just two or three breaths of toxic smoke, you're unconscious. Your lungs fill up and you can't breathe. Just like drowning.

Fire safety videos

Watch fire safety footage from the Fire Kills campaign.

Fire safety in the home

Fire safety in the homeAdvice and tips to help prevent fire in your home and how to make an escape plan, in case fire does break out.

Fire safety outside the home

GrillFind out how to stay safe from fire outside the home, including at bonfires and when camping. You can also get details about firework safety and the law.

Fire Kills partners

Smoke alarmLearn more about the key partners who have helped drive down the number of fires and fire-related deaths and injuries through the campaign.

Fire safety advice in other languages

FlagsFire safety information is available on Directgov in languages other than English - including Bengali, Urdu, Chinese and Polish.

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