Fire safety audit

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Fire Safety Inspector inspects a marquee at the Shrewsbury Folk FestivalFire Safety officer goes through enforcement literature with a residential care premises manager

Fire Safety Audits are carried out following nationally agreed guidelines for enforcement procedures, so that any advice given to you is consistent and proportionate to any risk in your premises.


What to expect

The purpose of the audit is twofold. Firstly, to gather information on all non domestic premises to enable the development and management of a Risk Based Inspection Programme which will provide important data to assist in the development and evaluation of the Fire Authority’s Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). This will enable the Fire Authority to fulfill its duty to manage the fire risk in the community.

Secondly, to ensure that the responsible person is complying with fire safety legislation and managing the risk within their premises to which relevant persons may be exposed.
As part of SFRS’s Enforcement Policy, fire safety enforcement officers are issued with a written warrant which will be shown on request. The warrant gives the officers certain powers, a summary of which will be given to you by prior request.

Occupiers will be contacted by a fire safety officer by telephone to arrange a suitable date and time to carry out the audit, giving, where possible, at least 5 weeks notice. The appointment will be confirmed in writing.

During the audit fire safety enforcement officers will wish to view the following documents:

  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire precautions log book
  • Records of staff training and drills
  • Records of testing and maintenance of fire fighting equipment
  • Records of testing and maintenance of all fire safety systems including fire alarms, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and smoke ventilation systems

The inspector will also wish to inspect all or part of the premises and to talk to members of staff.

Further information

Business Fire Safety

Telephone: 01743 260 260
Email: businessfiresafety [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk