How to dial 999: Rural locations

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Screenshot of a map showing a test incident

Screenshot of a map showing a test incident

Only Dial 999 in an Emergency!

Did you know:

A mobile phone can be used to call the emergency services even if you do not have any credit


Important information when calling 999 from a rural location

To assist Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service to reach any emergency situation as quickly as possible the Service possesses high specification electronic mapping systems within it’s Fire Control in Shrewsbury. The information gleaned during emergency calls via '999' is relayed to attending Fire Service personnel to pinpoint the affected property.

There are a number of ways in which you as members of the public can assist us to locate yours or neighbouring properties as quickly as possible in an emergency especially if you live in rural areas of the County.

Actions to assist the Fire and Rescue Service include:

  • During any 999 emergency call that you may be required to make to the Fire Service you will be asked for the postcode for the property involved. If you know them tell the Fire Control Operator you speak to these details.
  • Knowing a 6 figure map reference for your property and informing the Fire Service at the time of call. (Consider writing it on a label stuck to or near the telephone)
  • Placing a clear sign with the name of the farm or property name/number at the end of the track or lane would be a physical indication to attending Fire Service personnel in locating your property.
  • You may be asked by the Fire Control Operator to go to the end of the drive to direct the oncoming Fire appliances via the best possible access points (Information that is not always readily available from a map)

By providing the above information and/or actions will assist us to provide you with the quickest and best possible service.