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A to Z of Council Services

Barbers Registration

More about: Barbers Registration

Benefit Calculator

More about: Benefits Calculator

Bitterne Leisure Centre

More about: Bitterne Leisure Centre (External link)

Bitterne Library

More about: Bitterne Library

Bitterne Manor Community Centre

More about: Bitterne Manor Community Centre


More about: Blindness

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Blocked Drains and Sewers

More about: Blocked Drains and Sewers


More about: Bonfires

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British Citizenship

More about: British Citizenship

Building Materials on the Highway Licence

More about: Building Materials on the Highway Licence

Building Regulations

More about: Building Regulations

Bulky Household Waste Removal

More about: Bulky Household Waste Removal


More about: Bullying

Burgess Road Library

More about: Burgess Road Library

Burials and Cremation

More about: Burials and Cremation

Bus Pass - Concessionary Pass

More about: Bus Pass - Concessionary Pass


More about: Buses


More about: Business - home page

More about: Invest in Southampton website (External link)

Business Continuity

More about: Business Continuity

Business Recession Advice

More about: Business Recession Advice

Busking Licence

More about: Busking Licence

Buy With Confidence

More about: Buy With Confidence

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