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Ras Kwame

Tags: Ambassadors

Ras KwameRas Kwame has joined the team of myplace ambassadors.


Ras Kwame came into the music industry as a club DJ playing hip hop, RnB and reggae in the early nineties.


Ras soon progressed to promoting for Kiss FM's groundbreaking Starlight Club night and the Mean Fiddler's Subterranea club bringing over talent from the US and promoting local talent. The Subterranea gigs saw Ras take control of the turntables for artists such as Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, the London Posse and the Fugees.


During that time, Ras also undertook remix work for Chante Moore, George McCrae and the 49ers. Ras founded West London's Sugar Shack record shop in 1993 and from 1994-2000 he had formed Baby Shack Recordings and his UK Garage production outfit M-Dubs.


As a garage producer Ras made several innovative underground club anthems for the flourishing UKG scene, such as 'Over Here' featuring Ritchie Dan, 'Bump and Grind' featuring Lady Saw and the underground smash 'Body Killin' by The Vincent Alvis Project.


In 2001, Kwame launched the International Rude Bwoy Recordings operation, the label maintains a UK black music output with a variety of styles ranging from hip hop to garage.


Ras joined 1Xtra at launch in 2002 bringing listeners "100% Homegrown" every Sunday evening. The highly influential show is dedicated wholly to championing the sound of UK black music and has provided a live platform for talent and given major support to new acts like Lethal B, Skinnyman and Estelle.


Ras's show continues to cause a stir across the country with DJs, producers, A&Rs, both signed and unsigned talent all tuning in to hear the sounds of the UK underground.


In 2004 Ras won "Best Radio DJ" at the Urban Music Awards, in the same year he started a new music show called 'Showtime with Ras Kwame' on Channel U.

Ras remains an influential and active figure in the music industry, with an ever-increasing DJ/ hosting schedule on a national & international level.


You can listen to some of Ras' past episodes at

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