Walking to school 

Nina from Cornwall tries walking her two children to school instead of driving. See if they'll be leaving the car at home in future.

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Transcript of Walking to school

Today, we are walking to school

for the first time.

It's up a very long hill, isn't it, Grace?

- Yes. - And we pass two lollipop ladies.

And we're going to see if we can walk to school every day.

This is our experiment.


So far, we've been...

ten minutes. Not bad, eh?

I'm quite enjoying myself. I feel a little bit better.

And it's nice seeing the kids, I guess,

without listening to the radio while we're driving, you know.

I'm enjoying it, I really am.

- I can see the lollipop lady. - Can you see the lollipop lady?

What else have you seen on the way to school this morning?

Erm... I don't...



Thank you.

- Did you say thank you to the lady? - Thank you.

Now we're doing the nursery drop,

which is about another ten minutes,

and I'm feeling a bit tired, I have to say.

Do you like the leaves?

Are you in the jungle?

I want to do it again.

- You what? Are you going in the jungle? - Yes.

I want to get the leaves.

Erm... So I wouldn't say I'm put off

but this'll be the bit that actually makes me fitter.

- I want again! - On the walk home,

I might get myself a coffee.

It's 9:30 and I've just got back to start work.

I definitely think I would try to do it at least three times a week.

I do feel quite energized, I guess, I do feel better for it.

The kids really enjoyed it and it's nice, because I work,

I wouldn't really have done that with them

and spending the time with them, walking across the bridge

and running along with Johnny was really nice so...

It's quite a rare thing that we could do together.

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